IELTS Preparation Course

The course will prepare you for the IELTS exam and university life. It will enable you to develop the language and skills tested in IELTS and familiarise you with the test itself. Our teachers will help you diagnose the areas of English you need to work on most and focus on these in class.

IELTS covers four skills;

Discussion skills, increasing fluency and lexical knowledge.
Listening for gist, listening for detail, note-taking
Practising skimming and scanning, identifying opinions, developing vocabulary deduction skills
Essay-writing skills, using graphs and diagrams to support ideas, expanding your range of vocabulary

What is IELTS?

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a test recognized by universities and employers used as an indicator of your level of English. British, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian universities usually require a good IELTS score for entry onto undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Key Information

Lessons per week
1 lesson/3 hours
09:00am - 12:15pm(includes 15-minute break)
Class size
Average 6(Max 16)
Course fee
※Cost of course book is approximately £25.00.
Minimum age

Terms and Conditions
The Minimum age for enrolment on IELTS and Cambridge exam courses is 18 years of age. The Minimum age for enrolment on EJLT courses is 20 years of age. Course fees include enrolment on the participant’s selected course, class handouts, graduation certificates and participation in IIEL’s Language Exchange programme. The fees do not include accommodation, course books, public examination fees, outings or transportation to and from school. In the unlikely event that IIEL is obliged to cancel a course, all fees will be refunded.

Course dates

1) 1 Oct to 17 Dec 2020 <online course>
2) 14 Jan to 1 Apr 2021 <online course>
Once weekly on Thursdays
GMT 9:00am - 12:15pm
(Break 10:30-10:45)

Fees for taking IELTS examination

To take the IELTS examination in 2020 you must pay the following entry fees:
IELTS approximately £180 depending on examination centre

Other information

Public holidays

Students should note that all IIEL campuses are closed on public holidays and that no claims against LLC shall accrue in their favour as a result.. Please note that the school will also be closed during the Christmas and New Year period.
January 1, April 10, April 13, May 8, May 25, August 31, December 25, December 26, December 28.
January 1, April 2, April 5, May 3, May 31, August 30, December 25, December 26, December 27, December 28.